Colores Painting FAQ

    Q: What payment methods do you accept?
    A: For the most part we take personal checks, but you can choose to use the payment method of your preference. We work with the major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery). Please contact us in advance when paying with a credit card.
    Q: Should I schedule my project in advance? How long?
    A: We suggest you don't wait till the last minute to contact us. Our calendar is busy depending on the season of the year, so as soon as you think you'll need painting job give us a call and we will work our schedule around it.
    Q: Are the estimates free?
    A: Our proposals are free of charge. One or both of the owners will visit you at your convenience and walk through the to-be-painted site with you. We'll give you a rough idea of what it'll take time, labor and material-wise. After that, you will get the written official quote by e-mail or regular mail.
    Q: Do you do the furniture moving-around?
    A: If there are moveable objects interfering our labor we'll move it before we start working and put it back after we finish. There is no extra charge for it, it is included in the final price.
    Q: Do you do the clean-up after you are done?
    A: Yes. We leave the place as we found it or even better!. Before we start working we cover-up everything possible. And before we leave we clean up thoroughly.
    Q: Are you insured?
    A: Yes. Be confident. We are covered with a strong policy by an excellent rated financial company.
    Q: What paint do you use?
    A: We use the brand of paint that the client prefers. But we will not use lower end quality materials.
    Q: Is your work guaranteed?
    A: We stand behind our work. We use top quality paints and products and we take pride in our skills and workmanship. The reason we are in business is because we make sure our clients are completely satisfied.
    Q: Do you offer decoration and color professional advice?
    A: We are professional painters, not decorators; however we can share our personal suggestions, but it all comes down to what the customer wants and prefers. We can assist you by getting you in contact with an experienced decorator that we work with.
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    Q: What kind of projects do you specialize in?
    A: It all depends on the season of the year. We do either commercial or residential painting. New paint or re-paints and touch-ups. We are multi-skilled painters and have the tools and equipment for any project.
    Q: Do you work weekends?
    A: Sundays we don't work. Saturday we do if we have to, depending on the weather conditions, the urgency, and our schedule, and other factors. We work 8 to 10-hour shifts. Starting between 7- 8AM in summer, and 8-9AM the rest of the year.